A beginning

I started the Hugocentrik project first as an outlet to get some of my music out. There’s lots and lots of unfinished music on my hard drive, some bits are pretty good, some are improvised, some are works eternally in progress, some are just plain garbage.

So this project is for me a way to kick myself in the butt and get to finish some music and share it. Some unfinished stuff will be posted, some almost finished stuff, and hopefully someday, some finished stuff. Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments that you like (or not!) what you see and hear here.

About the jam the other night

The other night, I went to the birthday of my dear friend, François. There have been a jam, and I played bass for a while. I guess it kind of re-kindled my desire to play music with other people and share it. And now here I am, in my hotel room in Quebec, I am listening to a lot of music, and it re-re-kindles my desire again and again.

Ok, so I think I have plateaued playing all by myself, now I need to play with other musicians, other human beings who react and bring their ideas. I could organise a BYOI (“Bring Your Own Ideas”) night.

What I’m listening to right now:

I’d like to create a blend of this kind of “funky” music, with more “ambient” sounds, music to chill and dance to. Maybe even create some progression of ambient to funky, back to ambient.

While writing this post, I came across Nik Bärtsch, I looooove that kind of music!

There might be too many different things that I like, and maybe I want to go in too many different directions. Perhaps I should focus on beginning with a simple setup (like 3-4 musicians who can cover stuff from funky to ambient), and eventually add musicians to widen the horizon.

I envision a band with some electronics, and I’d love to write for woodwinds, strings, brasses. And of course to have some weird instruments.

So, hopefully I will have some music to share by the beginning of next year. I’ll have to mingle jingle that project into all my other commitments, that’s exciting!